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Imtiaz Ali confirmed the name of the next Movie

Imtiaz Ali confirmed the name of the next Movie-For quite a while, the discussion in the chat room is that Imtiaz Ali's next film is nowadays. Now Imtiaz Ali, after completing 66 days of shooting with Sarah Ali Khan and Kartik Aryan, cast a picture of his lead cast on his Instagram account and put a hashtag together #aajkal

Imtiaz Ali confirmed the name of the next Movie
Imtiaz Ali confirmed the name of the next Movie

Imtiaz Ali confirmed the name of the next Movie

Fans believe that nowadays it is a matter of fact that nowadays Sequel's name. No one is aware of the story of the film and how it is, but everyone is very excited to see Sara and Karthik together.

Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aryan couple, Sarah Ali Khan himself made the show of Karan Johar in the coffee with karan. In this show, Sarah had confessed that she loves Karthik Aryan. Only then, since then, the discussions of both of them started becoming normal. At that time, Sarah Ali Khan was working with Ranveer Singh in Simba.

In an event Ranvir Singh introduced Sarah Ali Khan to Karthik Aryan and the pictures of both of them were very viral. Since then, Imtiaz's film began shooting, and the pair of Sara Kartik has already been super hit before the movie is released.

Pyaar Ka Confusion 
Imtiaz Ali most of the films remain on love and love's confusion. And nowadays love is also made on the confluence of love and its surroundings.

Fresh Couple
Imtiaz Ali, a Fresh couple, came with a fresher pair with this film. Fans of Sarah Ali Khan and Kartik Aryan are very much liked.

Safarnama Imtiaz Ali's films is an important halt and know what is happening in this movie.

Beautiful Locations
Beautiful places in Imtiaz Ali's films have always been an important part of the film and this movie will also get the same view.

Amazing Music
Now Imtiaz Ali and the film does not have superb music, it is impossible. From the moment, from the moment to the thief Bazar, Imtiaz Ali has every flavor.

Amazing Dialogues
Significantly deep dialogues are the specialty of Imtiaz Ali's films. Whether it is to love the streets of Veera, or ask the story of the Vedas.

The Actor's Best
Imtiaz Ali brings out the best of an actor in the film. Whether it is Kareena Kapoor's song or Alia Bhatt's Veera.

Last Shot
After the last shot with Imtiaz Ali from the film, Kartik Aryan had become quite emotional.

Pages of the Past
A picture of Kartik Aryan from the film has become quite viral, where he is probably seen in the movie in the past.

About Kartik Aryan
Kartik Aryan is an Indian film actor.Kartik Aryan was born on November 22, 1988 in Gwalior Madhya Pradesh.He had signed film Pyaar Ka Panchnama in Hindi cinema. This film proved to be the greatest movie of 2010. The story of the film was made about the youth of today. Kartik Aryan will soon be seen in Pyaar ka Panchnama part 2 of Love.

About Sara Ali Khan
Sarah Ali Khan is an Indian Bollywood Actress. In the year 2018, the film is going to debut from Kedarnath. The little Nawab of the whole of Bollywood is Saif Ali Khan- and the daughter of eighty-decade actress Amrita Singh, and Sharmila Tagore's natin.
Sarah Ali Khan was born in September 1993. Sara Ali Khan belong pataudi khanadan, Sara's father's name is Saif Ali Khan, who is known as the small Nawab in Bollywood. Sara's mother Amrita Singh has also been one of the finest actresses of the eighties of Bollywood. Divorce of Sara's parents was done in the year 2004.

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Imtiaz Ali confirmed the name of the next Movie
Imtiaz Ali confirmed the name of the next Movie
Imtiaz Ali confirmed the name of the next Movie

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